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Having utilised secure Linux web servers since 1999 I can assist with all your hosting requirements.


With IT experience since 1983, I am sure I can help with your computer and networking needs.


Don't take a chance on losing hours of produtvity and wages because you weren't preparded.



Who Is Lou Stillitano?

I am an IT enthusiast who started using computers at the age of 14 way back in 1983. Being an advanced Maths and Science student I was fortunate enough to be allowed in the ellusive computer lab at my high school. After learning BASIC at 15 I knew I wanted to be involved in Computers forever. I developed a very deep interest in networking and the internet when I was the manager of the Curtin University Computer Shop from 1995 until 1998. I moved to the Network Services Department for the year of 1999 to further my knowlegdge of Computer Networking.


The World Wide Web was created by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, an English engineer and computer scientist.

When I first experienced the World Wide Web using the Mosaic Web Browser in 1995 I was instantly aware of it's future potential and what it could possibly be used for. I was immediately engrossed in learning HTML, the "language" that makes web pages appear as they do. I spent many late nights looking at webpage "source code" and slowly learned HTML in my spare time.

Back then there was no Internet Banking, no FaceBook, no Amazon, etc, and resources to create databases and commerce websites was VERY primitive and limited. Yet I suceeded in writing a primitive piece of software that allowed people to join my websites and I made money I didn't think was possible.

Today we now have many resources and Content Management Systems (CMS) availabale that help us make websites in a fraction of the time! I can build you a site using either Joomla (preferred for security) or WordPress (some believe easier to use). It's up to you!

Web Development

General IT Support

Website Hosting

Networking Advice


I have been an independant IT consultant for many years. That's how I started in this business and that's how I want to stay. Most of my clients have come via referrals or just by meeting and chatting about the Web. I like to stay small and personal. You call my number and you speak to ME. I sometimes outsource certain things, mainly graphic design, as I like to focus on the techincal side of things and keep the BIG picture in mind all the time.

The most important things to me are that a website that delivers the desired result, is secure and serves it intended purpose, whether that be a simple presence site or a full e-Commerce solution for you to sell your products.

Futhermore, I don't lease an expensive CBD office. I build my own computers because I can. I don't have, want or need 500 clients so I don't need to hire 10 different people to handle your requests. Also, it means I don't waste hours every week in meetings and arguing over what went wrong! That's why I can do what I do so affordably and reliably!

I thrive on all of IT!

For all your IT support , Website
and hosting needs.

PO Box 170, Thornlie, 6988
0414 999 569
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